Sam Houston St. vs. James Madison Univ.


Date: Dec. 9, 2016  –  Units Risked/Win: 1.3 / 1  –  Grade: loss

Sports Pick & Game Notes


Sam Houston St. +7.5 (-130)

Game Notes

We don’t know a ton about these teams. But, we’ve scoured the game note sheets for both teams and feel SHS is a slightly better team when comparing stats. Our hypothetical spread is JMU -3 at home.

The line sat at JMU -2.5 pretty much all of yesterday which made sense. But, today it’s ballooned up to +8. That’s just too many points in our opinion.

We were able to lock in SHS +7.5 at -130 which seemed reasonable. We just missed +8 (-115) which hit the board and then disappeared within minutes.