Minnesota Vikings vs. Philadelphia Eagles


Date: Jan. 21, 2018  –  Units Risked/Win: 2.5 / 2  –  Grade: win

Sports Pick & Game Notes


Philadelphia Eagles +3.5 (-125)

Game Notes

We’re siding with the home dogs on this one. We had them last week plus points and we’ll hit it again this Sunday. When Wentz went out with an injury this year it of course hurt the Eagles. But, they’ve persevered and continued to perform well.

At the end of the day we feel better backing the home team with +3.5 free points at a very reasonable price. We also trust Nick Foles over Case Keenum in this matchup. It may not matter anymore, but Foles just a few years ago took center stage and threw for 27 TDs and had something like 2 interceptions. His last few starts this year have been less than stellar, but they were not disastrous either and I think he can pull it together for a win this Sunday.

I know Case Keenum has played all year and is putting up good numbers. But, for some reason in this spot and as a road favorite I have feeling it’ll be a very close game or a straight up win for the Eagles.

PICK: Philadelphia Eagles +3.5 (-125)